Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Snowy Owls in Seneca County, NY

© Nicholas Kachala

January 15th was a wonderful day in Seneca County! 
3 different Snowy Owls...

On a more serious note, as I observed these birds at a safe distance, I witnessed two different parties approach one of the birds. They were walking through a farm field, obviously trespassing on private property. They got within 20 feet of the bird, snapped a few pictures with their professional lenses, and walked away in a hurry. From what I could see through my scope, the bird didn't look incredibly stressed, but it definitely increased it's head movements as it was aware that people were standing almost below it.

If anyone happens to go out and get these birds (or any Snowy Owl) in the future, just be sure to maintain your distance out of respect for the bird, and respect for other birders who want to share in the experience of observing one of these gentle beauties.

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